Logistics Information System

Нам Доверяют!

People do trust us!

Нам довiряють!

On nous a confiance!

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You work with company who knows how to do:


* shipments from the farthest corners of the EU and Russia;

* consolidated shipment (various consignors , one consignee);

* contract shipment of short and long character;

* disposable shipments of large volume of cargo, under one common set of documents;

* tilt shipments from 82 to 120m3;

* fridge shipments;

* small cargo shipment by solo (from 1 to 3.5 tonnes with a cubature from 10 to 50 m ³) and in the precast;

* «dangerous» cargo shipment labeled ADR;

* oversize cargo shipment;

* storage, consolidation, warehousing, transshipment, consignment of goods in our bonded warehouses in Germany, Italy, Poland;

* customs clearance procedures in EU and Ukraine;

* financial guarantees while transit (T-1 procedures);

* service of documents;

* protection at cargo high cost, convoy;

* “door to door” shipments;

* presenting your interests in Ukraine.